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With 605,759 residents as of 2012, Washington DC is number 51 in the country by population and number 52 by land size, occupying 61 square miles.

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You can feel confident and secure when conducting a criminal records search . The results may include court records, business records, arrest records and more. We have a vast nationwide database - the records you search for may include Washington DC state and county records and any other geographic location the person has lived or worked.

Being involved in an investigative process and not having anonymity is a direct deterrent to having people provide important information about criminal activity. Crime Stoppers programs provide this anonymity, allowing community members to provide helpful information. We have an alphabetical listing of Crime Stoppers programs in Washington DC.

CrimeStoppers Program
Crime Solvers Of WashingtonWashington(202) 727-4383

There is a distinction between "jails" and "prisons." Jail are operated locally, by cities and counties. Being primarily short term facilities, jails will hold inmates sentenced to terms of one year or less, and they are typically misdemeanants. Jails will also hold inmates awaiting trial on the local level. Prisons, on the other hand, are long term facilities run by federal or state governments (and often private companies). Prisons house convicted felons and inmates serving a term of more than one year. Below is a list of the 10 largest jails, by average inmate population, in Washington DC.

Average Inmate Population