About CriminalRecords.com


We are an information services provider, allowing individuals and businesses to search through vast databases of public records. We offer reports and search memberships to help people find other people, verify identies, and manage their risk when encountering people in their lives.

In our work with public records, we have found that many types of records, although mandated by law to be "public," are effectively inaccessible to most people.

Records such as certain court records, professional, aliases, relatives etc. are all supposed to be available. But in realistic terms they often are difficult to find and obtain.

States and counties create rules whereby each government record keeping entity (e.g., a county clerk) determines the process and fee required to access the records. And to access these records, in most cases as person would have to physically travel to the relevant county clerk's office, stand in line, and pay a document retrieval fee for the record. That may be fine if you live close to the courthouse. But most people would find this very inconvenient or impossible.

So practically speaking, most "public records" are very inaccessible to most people. To overcome this problem and to build a business solving it, we've invested decades of work and millions of dollars of database and web development work to gather thousands of disparate public records databases, consolidate all this data, store it securely, and provide an searchable web-based service to help people overcome the bureaucratic red tape and logistical nightmares. It is our goal to finally make supposedly "public" records truly public.